Monday, March 22, 2010

So where do you even start after a year plus without posting. I guess I will start with the present. There are so many wonderful, funny, clever and memorable things that happen each day, I want to share them with the people I know and love.

First...Luz. Her favorite things in life are preschool, friends, doing hair, her cousins, and her freind Skylar. I love when all of a sudden she will bust out with things like the pledge of allegience,(who even learns that anymore??), or "mom please turn up the radio, I love lady gaga!," or when she uses the word "actually." Which is quite odd because we only speak Spanish in our home and to the girls...but I love the english words she grasps on to. She is a girly girl who loves all things GIRL!! Her number one love is Belen. She is alway looking out for her. If Luz is given something...she quickly asks if there is one for Belen. Or when she gets home from school she wants to know where Belen is right away. Every night before bed she HAS to give Belen a kiss before they both go to sleep.

Now Belen---three words describe her. OUT OF CONTROL!!! She has been on the move since birth. She never, ever, ever, and I mean ever stops. She runs, climbs, jumps, and bounces off everything. While all the other 21 month olds are just becoming familiar with the play ground, she is going head firt down the slides...says "dog" for underdogs on the swings, keeps up with Luz and her friends, and makes me tired just watching her at the park. She has bouncy curls and a contagouesly HUGE smile. She has the voice of a ninety year old lie. Just imagine her yelling at 3:00 am! Not a pretty sight.

Cesar and I have a lot of fun with them. They keep us happy and can't imagine life without them. Here are some of our latest pictures in no particular order. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today was a crazy day...sugar cookies, trying to get dinner going, and feeding Belen all at the same time. I had gotten Belen's bottle ready but then needed to check the rice. When all of a sudden she wasn't crying anymore I went to see why.....Lucy had it all under control!!! Hoy fue un dia intenso. Estuve haciendo galletas, preparando la cena, y tratando de dar la leche a Belen todo al mismo tiempo. Cuando de repente Belen paro de llorar, fui a verla por que sabia que su mamadera estaba en la cocina todavia. Lucy tenia todo bajo control!!

Belen is our little cuddle bug. She loves to sit on our laps or hug us. She is starting to give kisses on demand and pats my back when I pat hers. She loves Lucy and her Papi. Ok and her mami too! Belen es muy mimosa. Ella esta muy contenta en nuestros brazos or dandonos abrazos. Ya puede dar besitos y cuando yo estoy el provechito a ella, ella me hace lo mismo! Tan dulce!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Video de la Navidad!
Melissa decidio este ano hacer un Pesebre Viviente! Este es el resultado!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

El Club de los $10 Dolares.
Este club se ha organizado por mujeres de Logan-Utah. Se reunen una vez al mes y donan $10 dolares. Con ese dinero todas juntas enfocan en una persona o familia para ayudar y eso es todo. Melissa es parte de ese CLUB y debido a eso ella y su hermana estuvieron en television y este es el video!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lucy loved making her little Halloween book at the Art Yard. This was at that children's museum. Lucy le encanto haciendo un libro de Halloween. Esto fue en un museo de ninos cerca de casa.

My two babies. Mis dos bebes.
Lucy could see that I was a little behind on the she brought her stool out and started cleaning....what a nice little girl. Lucy se fijo que estaba atrasada con los platos...entonces trajo su banquito y empezo a ayudarme.
As you many of you know Lucy has lived and died for her "chupi, nana" which means binki, blankie in english. This is one of the last pictures of her with her chupi as it is no more. She lost her last one, and that was that. She reminds me everyday that she is big and doesn't need her chupi, right? She isn't quit sure, but then I remind her and she always says, "ok mami, no mas chupi." Como saben, Lucy le encanta su chupi, nana. Esto quiere decir su chupete y frasadita. Esta foto es una de las ultimas con su chupete, que ya no lo uas mas. Esta creciendo tan rapido. Siempre voy a recorder mi nena con su chupi!
Every morning after their bath, the girls lay on my bed while I get them dressed. But I love watching them interact and make each other laugh. Belen is really recognizing Lucy and it is so cute. Everyday it is the moment that I wish I could freeze and that they would never grow up! Cada dia despues del bano, las ninas se acuestan en mi cama mientras yo las cambio. Me encanta ver como se juegen entre ellas y hacerse reir. Belen ya reconoce a Lucy y es tan lindo. Este momento cada dia es el momento en que me gustaria preservar para que nunca se crezcan mis ninas. are too young for candy! Belen, sos muy chica para caramelos!